Such Donation. Many Generous. Wow.

UPDATE: Since posting this the Reddit community has donated more than 441,938 Dogecoin! That’s approximately $662 USD (at current market value) — how awesome is that!? Here’s a little video I put together to share my appreciation for all you generous Shibes!

Over the last year it has been impossible to ignore the rise of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. As an avid Redditor I have become especially enamored with the Dogecoin phenomenon, and the passionate, generous, and charitable community that it revolves around.

With this in mind I am pleased to announce that Still Easier Than Chemo now accepts Bitcoin and Dogecoin donations!

Dogecoin has sent the Jamaican bobsled team to the Olympics, has raised $30,000 to sponsor service dogs for special needs children, and now, with your help, perhaps this community can help put cancer on the run!

Please donate Dogecoin to the following address: D9XzmPpHSAcfWn4VdBF93HC6pq4k7df1iT
Please donate Bitcoin to the following address: 1HE9WDjPPgaGxTzNN9xiEvnQ1XGsgZCVSS

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